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God's Holy Days 2000-2022

Holy Day Calendar 2.0

2022-2023 Hebrew Calendar - Free PDF Download by Slade Keifman - Updated

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Customized Calculated Hebrew Calendar w/scripture available.

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Is God's Calendar Based on the New Moon Days?

Postponement Rules - Printable

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This Holy Day Calendar Program is both a tool for in-depth Biblical research and a quick, easy means to look up future dates for God's days of worship. Some of the capabilities of this program are:
  • Displays and allows Printing of calendar delineating the dates of God's Biblical Holy Days for ANY year from 3761 BC (the Hebrew year of creation) well into the future!

  • Explains the four postponements rules used to determine Tishri 1 (the first day of the Hebrew new year) and offers basic definitions of important Hebrew calendar concepts.

  • The program can accept either a Julian/Gregorian (Roman Format) or Hebrew year as input, from which it can:

    1. Calculate the occurrence of the Molad (average conjunction of moon with earth and sun) of Tishri for the Hebrew year.
    2. Show which postponement rules (if any) were used to determine Tishri 1 for the Hebrew year.
    3. Determine which year out of the 19-year lunar cycle the Hebrew year is.
    4. Calculate the number of days in the upcoming Hebrew year.
  • Outputs a detailed one-month calendar showing the Hebrew/Roman date pairs for ANY desired Roman or Hebrew month!
  • And MORE!
The Holy Day Calendar Program is a JAVA programming language-based project undertaken byBibleStudy.org/Alan Ruth, under the direction of Carl Franklin, for the Christian Biblical Church of God. This program is © 2003, Christian Biblical Church of God.